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Spotlight: Kwesh

About The Designers

Spotlight: Kwesh

Janet Mugume

Juliana Nasasira. Founder and Creative Director of Kwesh, a Ugandan-based fashion brand combining African-inspired design and skillfully crafted clothing. The brand aims to deliver innovation, style and quality craftsmanship. Made in Uganda. Available in store.


What is your definition of bold?

The ability to be daring and fearless.


What would your superpower be?

Healing. The power to heal would be immeasurable.


Without saying your age, tell us something from your childhood that you remember that a younger person wouldn't understand.

Camera film rolls! Photography, and technology in general, have come a long way.


Who inspires you to be better?

My mother. She is, by far, the most patient and nurturing person I know.


What is your star sign?



What is your favorite word in your native language, and what does it mean?

‘Siima’ - be grateful.


Describe your brand in one word.



Tell us about your background, how & when did you decide to start your entrepreneurial journey?

I did not start out as an entrepreneur; after graduating I was employed as a Property Valuer before applying to fashion school. I always loved art and saw fashion design as a way to be creative and express myself artistically through clothes. This, together with the recognition of a need for more local fashion brands, inspired me to study fashion design with the intention of creating a brand based in Uganda.


Out of all your collections, which has been your favorite to design?

Honestly, I like each collection more than the last, because I see personal growth with each one.  


Are there any elements that you carry through all your designs?

I try to maintain the use of unique textures, fabrics, and detailing. I aim to capture an attention to detail within ready-to-wear clothing, and would describe Kwesh as a functional, effortless and authentic brand.


What is your least favorite part of being self-employed?

Running the business. I had to quickly realize that success requires a lot more than creativity, and it has been vital for me to know every aspect of my business.


Give us a little hint! What should we expect from you at bold this season?

A lot of bell sleeves and bold colors.


Cover-up, available at Bold.