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Spotlight – Solome Katongole

About The Designers

Spotlight – Solome Katongole

Janet Mugume


Solome Katongole. Co-founder and Creative Director of Solome Katongole – a Ugandan fusion of culture, fabrics and lifestyle. Available at Bold Kampala.


What were you like in high school?

A very shy and quiet tomboy.


What is your definition of bold?

To me, bold is power, daring, audacious and striking.


How would you describe yourself in one word?



Where is your “happy" place?

My family is my happy place, I have pure joy when I’m around them.


What is your hidden talent?

I don’t do it often, but I’m a good cook.


What is your favorite word in your native language, and what does it mean?

‘Bambi’ – It doesn’t have a specific meaning, but can be used in different situations. It can be sweet, consoling, sarcastic, or humorous. I have limited vocabulary in Luganda, but can always count on responding with ‘Bambi’.


Describe your brand in one word



How would you describe your overall style?

Feminine and conservative


Out of all your collections, which has been your favorite to design?

The Pumpkin Collection – I had just finished my Fashion Design degree, with a fresh and clear vision. I was very proud of myself. I loved every step, from concept to finishing.


Are there any elements that you carry through all your designs?

Yes, there’s a culture-conscious concept with all my designs. Not necessarily through fabric but also through silhouettes.


What is your least favorite part of being self-employed?

Not having enough time to work on every project.


How do you stay up-to-date with what is trending?

I actually don’t follow trends. I design whatever comes to mind. If it happens to fall within the trends then, awesome!


Dress, coming soon to Bold Kampala.