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Spotlight: Gloria Wavamunno

About The Designers

Spotlight: Gloria Wavamunno

Janet Mugume

Founder and Creative Director of Gloria Wavamunno, a clothing brand fusing the diverse world of African cultures, sounds, textures and prints with the creation of inventive tailored pieces. Made in Uganda.

What were you like in high school?

I was the shy, observant/inquisitive person, painting in corners. And the surprise enthusiastic dancer when music turned on. 

What is your definition of bold? 

My definition of Bold is strong, to display characteristics of strength.

How would you describe yourself in one word?


What would your superpower be? 

Positive Magic.

Where is your “happy" place? 

Alone in my mind.

What is your star sign? 


Describe your brand in one word. 


Tell us about your background, how & when did you decide to start your entrepreneurial journey? 

In 2009 I created my clothing label, from then it has been the development of building a studio, creating and training an in-house team and evolving our capabilities as a Ugandan label aiming for local and global recognition.

How would you describe your overall style? 

Personally evolving.

Out of all your collections, which has been your favorite to design?

The jersey jacket in 518 SS16, it is just so versatile, dressed up or dressed down. It can be a jacket and transform into a dress by adding belts, pins or whatever your preference. As well as being from a light jersey fabric with deep colours to pick from, for our versatile weather. 

Are there any elements that you carry through all your designs?

Versatility and attention to the same details is what is found in the pieces. 

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement? 

The organisation and training development of the GW tailor team in studio.