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Spotlight: Inzuki Designs

About The Designers

Spotlight: Inzuki Designs

Janet Mugume

Teta Isibo. Founder and creative director of Inzuki Designs, where traditional craft meets contemporary design - Jewelry, accessories, interior decor. African inspired. Globally loved. Made in Rwanda. Available at Bold.


What is your definition of bold?

Daring to be unconventional, unabashedly. Being your authentic self.


What would your superpower be?



Where is your “happy" place?

Travelling somewhere I’ve never been before. Sundays with family. Anywhere my nieces are!


Without saying your age, tell us something from your childhood that you remember that a younger person wouldn't understand.

Good Music :).


Who inspires you to be better?

My president and my late grandparents.


What is your hidden talent?

A photographic memory, of sorts. Sadly, it’s mostly for useless information.


Describe your brand in one word



Out of all your collections, which has been your favorite to design?

Our latest collection, which we launched at collectiverw fashion week last October. It introduced new elements of our work - beaded accessories, an intrinsic part of our identity. We took things a notch higher this time by creating clothes with the same signature beaded details. It was different, and unexpected, and embodied the ever-evolving nature of our brand.


What is your least favorite part of being self-employed?

When I am unsure about a decision and there’s no one higher in management who can just make it for me. So, I have to resort to flipping a coin instead. Kidding!


What are your current favorite fashion trends?

Bell sleeves - big statement sleeves. Chokers - particularly Inzuki ones. Anything off-shoulder, (slightly) ripped denim and white sneakers. I am a reformed color junkie doing a lot of all-black and monochrome minimalist looks.


How do you stay up-to-date with what is trending?

Pinterest for fashion, and my teenage siblings for anything pop culture.


What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

Starting my business. Everything I’ve achieved with Inzuki has been a sequence of events, a chain reaction that started with me actually launching my business! I think getting started is actually the hardest part - at least it was for me. 

Inzuki Designs Choker, available in store.