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Spotlight:Uzi Collections

About The Designers

Spotlight:Uzi Collections

Janet Mugume

Nathalie Remera (left) and Rwema Umutoni (right). Founders of Uzi Collections, a Rwandan-based clothing line that designs comfortable clothes to make your everyday life better. Made in Rwanda. Available in store.


What were you like in high school?

Rwema: I couldn’t wait to finish and start my career.


What is your definition of Bold?

Rwema: Courageous. Brave. Venturesome.


Describe yourself in one word.

Rwema: Determined.


Where is your happy place?

Rwema: Any place that I can get inspiration from, that gives me butterflies, or doing something new.


Without saying your age, tell us something from your childhood that you remember that a younger person wouldn’t understand.

Rwema: We use to cover our hands with glue just to peel it off and write letters to our friends, before phones.


Who inspires you to be better?

Rwema: My president, H.E. Paul Kagame.


Describe your brand in one word.

Rwema: Vintage.


Tell us about your background, how and when did you decide to start your entrepreneurial journey?

Rwema: I was exposed to fashion, make-up and photography from a young age - I grew up seeing my mother reading magazines like Amina and Nous Deux. I would pass my time in the mirror trying to do similar things.

My journey started in my second year of high school, when I joined a modeling agency. My experience eventually lead me to do fashion design as a career.


Are there any elements that you carry through all your designs?

Rwema: The “Batik” fabric.


What is your favorite part about being self-employed?

Rwema: Doing the things that I love, the way I want to them – Planning my days, taking action, creativity, taking responsibility.


What is a typical workday like for you?

Rwema: Wake up. Pray. Exercise. Breakfast. Post on social media. Prep the workshop. Search for inspiration through different things like music and social media. Production. Process orders. Plan for the next day.


What is your greatest achievement?

Rwema: The decision to start my own business.


Dresses available at Bold Kigali. Coming soon to Bold Kampala.